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Cone Crusher Mantle

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Application: cone crushers with different models

Raw Material: manganese chromium alloy, modified high manganese steel, advanced composite material, etc.

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Highlights: long life, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, etc.


What is cone crusher mantle? Crusher mantle is the main part of the cone crusher, playing the role of crushing material and protecting the machine body. It is installed on the cone, which is connected to the main shaft. The space created between the mantle (moveable) and concaves (stationary) is what we call a crushing chamber. During the crushing process, it directly and continuously collides with raw materials, resulting in rapid wear and needing to be replaced regularly.

The cone crusher mantle was previously made of high manganese steel and modified high manganese steel. To prolong the service life, new micro-alloys are generally added based on the high manganese steel. It not only improves the appearance but also optimizes the surface hardness and wear resistance under strong impact load, besides the cost performance is also improved.

AGICO is professional and experienced in manufacturing cement equipment, mineral processing equipment, and equipment spare parts. After years of research and development, we have relied on advanced production technology and exquisite production processes to produce high-quality crusher mantle, crusher concave, main shaft, pinion, and other crusher spare parts, and have won the trust and unanimous praise of users at home and abroad.

AGICO is your one-stop shop for cone crusher mantle purchasing. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

Please Send Inquiry With Detailed Dimension & Requirements

Working Principle

When the cone crusher is working, the crusher concave is fixed, and the crusher mantle and movable cone not only make slow rotational motion, but also make lateral stroke motion with the eccentric bush so that the large pieces of material are continuously crushed by compression, impact, and bending in the annular crushing chamber.

cone crusher inside structure
cone crusher running

Highlights Of AGICO Cone Crusher Mantle

Strict Material Selection

The manufacturing materials we choose have high hardness, corrosion resistance, deformation resistance, and high-temperature resistance. They can grind various types of ores and are suitable for different working conditions.

Quality Guarantee

Each link of production has strict program control. Before leaving the factory, products must undergo quality inspection by the Quality Inspection Department.

High-cost Performance

AGICO crusher mantle doubles the production efficiency of the cone crusher, and reduces investment costs and downtime losses caused by frequent replacement of accessories, greatly improving the return on investment.

Technical Assurance

The crusher mantle produced by AGICO can be customized according to customer requirements. Our products undergo scientific and strict smelting, casting, and heat treatment processes. The wear resistance is greatly improved.

Wide Application

AGICO crusher mantle is widely used in various cone crushers to perform coarse, medium, and fine crushing of ores and rocks.

AGICO Crusher Mantle For Sale

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Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

Product Casting

Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

AGICO strictly controls raw material sample testing, product inspection, quality assessment, etc.

AGICO can formulate process plans according to different customer needs, and conduct strict quality control on each casting link.

AGICO has large casting bases and the comprehensive ability to provide customers with complete solutions for equipment spare parts.

AGICO has professional testing equipment, such as a GS1000 vacuum direct-reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, etc.