crusher bowl liner

Cone Crusher Concave

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Application: cone crushers with different models

Raw Material: manganese chromium alloy, modified high manganese steel, advanced composite material, etc.

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Highlights: long life, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, etc.


What is a cone crusher concave? Cone crusher concave, also called cone crusher bowl liner, is the wear lining plate fixed on the upper part of the crushing chamber for protecting the upper accessories of the cone crusher. Together with the cone crusher mantle, it forms the crushing chamber, directly contacting with the material. Therefore, it wears quickly and is the main wearing part of the cone crusher.

AGICO is professional and experienced in manufacturing cement equipment, mineral processing equipment, and equipment spare parts. After years of research and development, we have relied on advanced production technology and exquisite production processes to produce high-quality crusher mantle, concave, main shaft, pinion, and other crusher spare parts, and have won the trust and unanimous praise of users at home and abroad.

AGICO is your one-stop shop for cone crusher concave purchasing. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

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Working Principle

The crushing chamber of the cone crusher is cone-shaped and consists of a concave (fixed) and a mantle (movable). The moving mantle swings along the axis of the fixed concave, sometimes approaching and sometimes moving away from the fixed concave. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is squeezed and impacted by the concave and the mantle, thereby achieving crushing. And then the crushed materials are discharged through the discharge port at the bottom.

cone crusher inside structure
cone crusher running

How To Change Cone Crusher Concave

The cone crusher concave can be replaced on site. We need to unscrew the adjusting thread insert installed on the upper frame (turn counterclockwise), remove the hopper assembly, and then use lifting equipment to lift the adjusting thread insert. After removing the adjusting thread insert and supporting plate bolts, the cone crusher concave can be removed and replaced. When assembling, we need to clean the outer surface, adjust the thread insert and apply oil to the surface of the thread.

The concave is fixed on the adjusting ring with U-shaped screws, and zinc alloy is injected between the two to make them tightly combined. After 6-8 hours of work, we need to check it and tighten the U-shaped screws again.

AGICO Crusher Concave For Sale

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agico crusher concave
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cone crusher concave for sale

Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

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Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

AGICO strictly controls raw material sample testing, product inspection, quality assessment, etc.

AGICO can formulate process plans according to different customer needs, and conduct strict quality control on each casting link.

AGICO has large casting bases and the comprehensive ability to provide customers with complete solutions for equipment spare parts.

AGICO has professional testing equipment, such as a GS1000 vacuum direct-reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, etc.