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AGICO is a supplier of high-quality cement plants in China, providing a full range of services from cement plant design and cement plant construction to after-sales service.

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Since the emergence of cement and concrete, they have changed our understanding of architecture. With the development of the economy and the passage of time, cement and concrete constitute our city and become an indispensable part of our life. In 2016, the global cement production was 2.2 billion tons. It is estimated that by 2050, global cement production will increase by 1 billion tons. In response to the increasing demand, more and more cement plants have been built all over the world. However, the continuous expansion of the cement industry has a huge negative impact on the ecological environment. The dust pollution, noise pollution, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide produced by it contribute to global warming. Besides, the increasing globalization has intensified the competition in the cement industry. Therefore, under the guidance of local government policies, the traditional cement plant is gradually upgrading to a green and intelligent mechanization cement plant. This is also the development trend for cement plants in the future.

What is the green cement plant?

A green cement plant refers to a greener and more sustainable cement plant. It reduces exhaust emission and resource consumption and improves the recycling of resources and cement production efficiency from the aspects of the production process, equipment technology, and structure design. Realizing green production also brings stronger competitiveness and more profits to cement enterprises to face global competition and strict local environmental protection regulations.

AGICO Cement is a Chinese full-range supplier for the cement industry from individual machines to complete cement plants. We have unique expertise in developing innovative cement equipment, cement production technologies, and processes to create intelligent and green cement plants. The independent cement plant solutions we offer allow you to reduce your plants’ environmental impact and improve market competitiveness, at the same time benefiting you from high production efficiency, low energy consumption, reduced polluting emissions, and increased cost-efficiency. What the customer needs is what we do.

Cement Plant Applications

Cement can be commonly divided into ordinary Portland cement and special cement. Under this classification, it can be further divided into many other categories according to the different proportions of raw materials and application purposes. The cement plant produced by AGICO is available for various cement types, such as Portland cement, fast-setting cement, rapid hardening cement, white cement, refractory cement, expansive cement, etc. We will provide customers with customized services of cement plant design, and select the most suitable cement equipment according to the different types of cement produced by customers. Rich manufacturing experience makes the cement produced by AGICO cement plants have high quality and strong stability.

Portland cement
Portland Cement
white cement
White Cement
refractory cement
Refractory Cement
expansive cement
Expansive Cement

AGICO Hot-sales Cement Plant

AGICO Cement offers high quality and competitive prices for both dry process cement plants and wet process cement plants. Our cement plants are equipped with raw material crushing unit, raw material grinding unit, clinker calcination unit, clinker grinding unit, cement storing unit, and cement packing unit. The daily output can reach 5000 tons. You can choose suitable cement plants according to your real needs. Welcome to contact and send your inquiry to us!

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Dry Process Cement Plant

AGICO dry process cement plants adopt the new dry process cement production technology which regards suspension preheating and pre-decomposition as the core. It greatly improves the thermal efficiency and production capacity of the cement kiln and, at the same time, improves the secondary recycling of energy and reduces energy consumption. Besides, the use of advanced cement main equipment, dust recovery equipment, and various supporting equipment realize efficient environmental protection and green cement production.

Manufacture cement by dry process:

In the cement production process, there are two main raw materials: calcareous materials and argillaceous materials. All of these materials should be first ground in cement crushers to small particles that vary in size.

Then they need to evaporate the excess water in a cement dryer.

After that, the drying material will be ground into fine powders in the raw mill and mixed in precise proportions.

After raw materials are prepared, they will be fed into a cement kiln for clinker calcination under extremely high temperatures.

The clinker just discharged from the cement kiln is very hot, therefore they need to be cooled down to normal temperature by a cement cooler set behind the kiln.

The clinker discharged from the cement cooler is some irregular, gray-brown spheres. They should be ground and added with auxiliary materials in a cement mill to achieve the required fineness and performance of cement products.

As cement comes out from the cement mill, they are collected in silos and packed by machines in bags.

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Wet Process Cement Plant

AGICO wet process cement plants have the characteristics of small environmental pollution and high-quality cement products. Given the high energy consumption and other problems of traditional wet method cement plants, our company has adopted new types of cement equipment and independently developed cement production technology for effective improvement. According to the different production requirements of customers, AGICO will further adjust the production line and cement equipment to realize cement production with high efficiency, low energy consumption, maximum benefit, and environmental protection.

Manufacture cement by wet process:

In the cement production process, there are two main raw materials: calcareous and argillaceous. In the first step, the calcareous materials are crushed in cement crushers and the argillaceous materials are mixed with water in a container.

Then they are separately stored in different bins.

In the second step, the two kinds of processed materials are mixed and fed into a wet cement grinder to form a fine thin paste which we call slurry. Then they are stored in a silo and be stirred constantly.

After the slurry is prepared, it will be directly fed into a cement kiln for clinker calcination under extremely high temperatures and cooled by a cement cooler.

The clinker discharged from the cement cooler is some irregular, gray-brown spheres. They should be ground and added with auxiliary materials in a cement mill to achieve the required fineness and performance of cement products.

As cement comes out from the cement mill, they are collected in cement silos and packed by machines in bags.

Which Cement Plant Is Better?

If we consider the cement quality and production efficiency, the wet process cement plant is better. If we consider the energy consumption and total cost, the dry process cement plant is better.

Dry Process Cement Plant

Crush, grind, and blend raw materials in a dry state. The cement kiln size for clinker calcination is small.

Difficult to control the mixing of dry raw meals, so it is hard to obtain a homogeneous raw meal, which will affect the quality of the clinker.

It has a higher output and stable cement quality, suitable for large cement plants.

It produces little sewage, but a lot of dust.

The fuel consumption is low.

Less production cost.

The establishment cost is high.

Wet Process Cement Plant

Blend raw materials in a slurry state with 30%-50% water. The cement kiln size for clinker calcination is big.

It is easy to obtain a homogeneous raw meal, so the clinker quality is higher.

It generates little dust.

The fuel consumption is high.

More production costs.

The establishment cost is comparatively high.

Cement Equipment

As we all know, the steady running of every factory requires the cooperation of various equipment. In each production unit of the cement plant, we need a lot of professional cement production equipment. With rich experience in cement projects and strong production ability, AGICO can provide different kinds of cement equipment for cement manufacturing.

In general, a complete cement plant is mainly composed of the following units: raw meal preparation unit, clinker calcination unit, cement grinding unit, and cement packing unit. You can choose the production equipment required by the cement plant according to the actual situation.

cement plants layout agico
Cement Plant Layout

Cement Crusher

AGICO offers various cement crushers for cement raw material crushing, such as  Cone CrushersJaw CrushersHammer CrushersImpact Crushers, and Four-roll Crushers.

Cement Raw Mill

A cement raw mill is used to grind raw materials into fine powders. The raw mills produced by AGICO include Cement Vertical MillCement Ball MillRaymond MillRod MillAir Swept Coal Mill, etc.

Cement Kiln

Cement Rotary Kiln and Shaft Kiln are our core products. You can choose the model you want.

Cement Mill

A cement mill is an important machine in cement manufacturing. It is applied for grinding clinker into cement products. The Cement Ball MillCement Vertical MillCement Roller Press, and Ultrafine Grinding Mill produced by AGICO are all quality cement mills.

Cement Accessory Equipment

Except for the main cement equipment, AGICO also provides accessory equipment:  Rotary Kiln DryerCyclone PreheaterESP Electrostatic PrecipitatorClinker CoolerCement ConveyorBucket Elevatoretc.

Why Choose AGICO Cement

Turkey Cement EPC Projects Service

AGICO Cement provides EPC cement projects. We are responsible for the plant design, construction, equipment production, installation, commissioning, operation training, and after-sales service of the whole cement project. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality production of cement plants, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service.

Independent R&D Cement Equipment

AGICO has an independent research and design team, as well as regular production workshops and professional production equipment. Continuous technological innovation and improvement enable us to have a more rigorous design, excellent equipment quality, and considerate service. We have always been your reliable partners.

Rich Experience & Reliable Reputation

AGICO provides cement plants with a daily output of 50-1000 tons. Since our establishment, we have set up cement plants with various outputs all over the world, providing cement project customized services for customers at home and abroad. We won the appreciation with our strength. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

AGICO Production Equipment

AGICO Cement is a cement plant equipment manufacturer with large workshops and professional production equipment. The production equipment includes a 10m gear hobbing machine, 8m vertical lathe, 40t arc furnace, 200mm floor-type boring and milling machine, cutting machine, electric furnace, 120x3200mm rolling machine, automatic welding machine, etc.

10m gear hobbing machine
10m Gear Hobbing Machine
200mm floor type boring and milling machine
200mm Boring & Milling Machine
8m vertical lathe
8m Vertical Lathe
40t arc furnace
40t Arc Furnace
cutting machine
Cutting Machine
40t electric furnace
40t Electric Furnace
120x3200mm rolling machine
120x3200mm Rolling Machine
automatic welding machine
Automatic Welding Machine