How to Make Your Cement Grinding Plant More Energy Saving?

With the development of economy, cement is more and more widely used. However, the problem of high energy consumption in the cement production process has always troubled cement manufacturers. How to reduce cement production energy consumption and improve production efficiency has become an increasingly concerning problem.

Raw material preparation, clinker calcination, and cement grinding are three processes for cement manufacturing. In order to reduce transportation costs, enterprises usually set up cement clinker production lines near the mining area and cement grinding plants around the sales market. Cement grinding plant is the last station in the cement production line. Its power consumption accounts for 65% – 75% of the whole cement plant. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption in the cement grinding process is of great significance for energy conservation and emission reduction of the cement manufacturing plant.

At present, some small and medium-sized cement plants still adopt traditional cement ball mill to grind cement. While both traditional ball mill and cement separator have the disadvantages of high energy consumption and low capacity. Although some enterprises have used the new dry production process, there are still problems in the grinding process. For example:

  1. The internal structure of the grinding mill is not reasonable, which leads to a wide distribution range of cement particles and low working efficiency.
  2. The grinding mill has a small length to diameter ratio, poor wear resistance, long grinding time, and low work efficiency.
  3. The working efficiency of the cement separator is low so that the micro powder with particle size between 3 and 32μm can’t be separated.

Energy Saving Measures of Cement Grinding Plant

Select energy-saving cement mill

At present, some cement production enterprises are still using traditional cement mills. It greatly reduces the production efficiency, increases the production cost, and affects the quality of cement products. If you want to upgrade your current cement grinding plant to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and profit increase, the most direct way is to carry out a technical transformation on traditional cement mills or replace a batch of new energy-saving grinding equipment, such as the cement vertical mill grinding system, new type cement ball mill grinding system, cement roller press, new type cement separator, etc. They all have the characteristics of high automation, energy-saving, and high output, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of the cement grinding plant.

agico cement grinding mills
Cement Ball Mill & Cement Separator & Cement Vertical Mill

Adopt new grinding technology

The application of new technology in cement grinding unit can greatly reduce energy-saving investment and obtain maximum economic benefits, such as the multipoint loading and multipoint unloading technology, cement roller press combined grinding technology, etc. Of course, we believe that, with the development, more and more advanced grinding technologies will be applied in cement grinding units in the future to help cement enterprises maximize their benefits.

Reduce the particle size of grinding materials

It is an important measure to improve the working efficiency of the cement mill by setting a pre-grinding machine before it to reduce the material particle size (material particle size before entering the grinding mill < 10mm). In this way, the power consumption of the cement mill is reduced and the particle size of cement products is concentrated in the range of 3-32μm. Cement roller press is a kind of pre-grinding equipment commonly used in cement grinding plants. It has advanced working principles and reasonable structure, features high reliability, less mechanical failure, large crushing ratio, high efficiency, and low power consumption. In order to reduce the power consumption of cement grinding plants, the application of cement pre-grinding equipment is worthy of promotion.

agico cement roller press
Cement Roller Press
TypeRoller Diameter(mm)Roller Width(mm)Feed Size(mm)Output(t/h)Power(kw)

Use the grinding aid

Grinding aid can eliminate the phenomenon of material caking and material attachment to grinding media and lining plate during the cement grinding process. It effectively improves the grinding environment and efficiency, as well as reduces energy consumption. In addition to that, we should also take measures to strengthen the ventilation in the cement mill, reduce the temperature of clinker and the temperature inside the mill.

Arrange the production sequence reasonably

The motor power of cement equipment is generally large. This will not only increase the start-up load, but also lead to voltage fluctuation of the power supply line, resulting in a poor quality of power supply, and ultimately increase the power consumption. Therefore, the sequence of the cement production process should be arranged reasonably. The first is grinding, the second is packaging, and the last is raw material preparation. Besides, the interval among them should be 15-20min to ensure voltage stability.

dry process cement manufacturing agico
Cement Manufacturing Processes

Improve the power and efficiency of electrical equipment

  • Adopt the frequency conversion energy-saving equipment.
  • Adopt the on-the-spot compensating device. It not only has self-adjusting electrostatic capacitors but also has automatic phase modifier units.
  • Apply the low-voltage motor full phase control technology.
  • Use the green lighting system.

By means of these techniques, the loss of useful power will be reduced when the useless power demand is reduced.