How To Select Cement Crusher Machines?

Raw material crushing is the first step in the cement production process. The raw materials for cement manufacturing are composed of limestone, sandstone and other additional materials in a certain proportion. The variety of types and complexity of metallogenic conditions make them have different properties. After years of research, we found that the factors affecting their properties are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Moisture content: it is related to rock structure and water supply conditions. Hard limestone usually has only superficial water, with a moisture content of less than 2%, chalk may have a moisture content of as much as 20%, while argillaceous soft rock has a very high moisture content.

Hardness: the hardness of the mineral is its ability to resist the invasion of another object by external forces.

Compressive strength: compressive strength is the marked quantity of materials under pressure. It refers to the ultimate pressure that the material can withstand.

Crushability: ores are composed of minerals with different degrees of firmness, often with many weak planes. Crushability refers to the crushing degree and power consumption of materials under the action of external forces. A different application of force has different effects, so there are impact crushing, cutting crushing, extruding crushing and other crushing methods in the raw material crushing process.

Abrasiveness: the abrasiveness of ore is an important basis for choosing crusher. It is usually related to the Mohs ‘hardness. When the hardness is high, the abrasiveness is great, and when the rock contains hard minerals, the abrasiveness is also increased. However, the abrasiveness of materials is only the most basic parameters for choosing crusher. In addition to abrasiveness, we should also refer to the moisture content, hardness, compressive strength, crushability. Therefore, the selection of cement crusher is very important.

AGICO is a cement equipment manufacturer in China. We are specialized in the EPC project of the cement production line, stone crushing plant, cement grinding unit and fly ash processing plant. Besides, we also offer related cement making machines, such as the cement crusher, cement kiln, cement grinder, etc.

cement crusher machines agico cement
Five Cement Crusher Machines Manufactured By AGICO


How to choose a cement crusher?

Material crushing is the process of reducing material particle size by a mechanical method, which can be divided into coarse crushing, secondary crushing, and fine crushing. In the cement plant, we commonly use the hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and roller crusher. No matter which type you choose, it is important to note that the crusher machine should be compatible with the physical properties of the material, such as the hardness (compressive strength), abrasiveness (free quartz content) and viscosity (water content, clay content) of the material. The general principles are as follow:

  • Hammer crushers and impact crushers are suitable for crushing limestone or some other medium-hard ores. When the soil content of limestone is less than 5%, the single rotor hammer crusher is optional, but if the crushing ratio is appropriate, the impact crusher can also be selected. When the soil content of limestone is more than 5% and the moisture content is more than 7%, the double rotor hammer crusher shall be selected. While if the abrasiveness of the limestone is high, we should adopt the impact crusher. Because the adaptability of impact crusher to abrasive ore is better than that of a hammer crusher, but the adaptability to soil content and water content is worse than that of a double rotor crusher.
  • Jaw crusher and cone crusher are both suitable to crush the materials that have high abrasiveness. Their crushing ratio is about the same but their adaptability to hard or wet materials is different. They can crush the hard rock with compressive strength up to 400MPa by high pressure.
  • If cement plant regards high moisture chalk, marlstone as the main material, the above crushers are not suitable. We should adopt the roller crusher. It can crush the materials with high viscosity and abrasiveness, and merge the cutting method, impact method and extruding method into a single.
cement crushers comparison
Cement Crushers Comparison


Singles-stage Crushing & Two-stage Crushing

Single-stage Crushing: A single-stage crushing system can be used as long as the raw material is not difficult to break or highly abrasive.

Two-stage Crushing: If the abrasiveness of materials is high, the two-stage crushing system needs to be considered. The simplest two-stage crushing system consists of a jaw crusher as the coarse crusher and a hammer crusher as the medium crusher, with a crushing ratio of 1:40

In any case, the choice of the cement crusher should be based on the specific actual situation in the production line so that improving the crushing efficiency and economic benefits. As an experienced cement equipment manufacturer, AGICO offers export service of cement crushers. Based on our advanced technology and attentive service, our cement crushers have been exported to many countries.

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