Quick Setting Cement Manufacturing

What is quick setting cement? Quick setting cement is also known as fast setting cement or rapid setting cement. Just as the name indicates, it is a kind of special Portland cement that applies in various fast setting required concrete projects. It features low dry shrinkage, fast hardening speed, and high strength. After mixed with water, the quick setting cement will start to set in five minutes and become hard like a stone in 30 minutes.

Ingredient: quick setting cement is made from Portland clinker plus aluminum sulfate, gypsum, and other additives. The addition of aluminum sulfate is generally 1% to 3% of clinker weight. It plays a catalytic role in the hydration process of tricalcium silicate (C3S) and tricalcium aluminate (C3A), accelerating the setting speed and strength development of cement paste.

Quick Setting Cement Features

It has a high strength of 6000 PSI within 1.5 hours.

It features less cement usage and a fast hardening speed.

Rapid setting cement maximizes service life and minimizes maintenance.

It completes the initial set in 5-10 minutes and the final set in 30 minutes.

The shrinkage of quick setting cement is as low as 200 micro-strains in 28 days without shrinkage-reducing admixture.

Quick Setting Cement Uses

Bridge construction

Underwater engineering

Concrete steps and curbs repair

Rainy or cold weather construction project

Military engineering, airport runway, bridge, tunnel, precast, culvert, and other emergency repair projects

Quick Setting Cement Manufacturing Process

The quick setting cement is manufactured based on ordinary Portland cement clinker. In the clinker grinding process, we usually mix a small percentage of aluminum sulphate, gypsum, and other additives with the clinker and finely grind them together in a cement mill. The aluminum sulphate and gypsum are mainly added to accelerate the setting time of the cement slurry. 

The production process of quick setting cement includes five steps:

Raw material crushing

Raw material grinding

Clinker calcination

Clinker grinding

Cement packing

1. Raw Material Crushing

Cement raw materials like limestone, clay, and some fuels need to be crushed into smaller particle sizes by cement crushers. After that, they are stored in a material pre-homogenization storage yard.

2. Raw Material Grinding

These crushed raw materials and fuels are then fed into cement raw mills for further particle size decrease and separately stored in silos.

3. Clinker Calcination

In this step, cement raw meals are sent into the cement rotary kiln for high-temperature calcination to form cement clinker. Next, the high-temperature clinker is cooled to a normal temperature in the cooler set behind the kiln.

4. Clinker Grinding

Large-sized cement clinker is mixed with aluminum sulphate, gypsum, and other admixtures in a certain proportion and then ground by a cement mill. After that, the quick setting Portland cement is formed.

5. Cement Packing

The ground cement powder is stored in cement silos and then be packed in bags by a cement packing machine.

* We only list part of the main equipment. If you want to get the detailed equipment configuration of the whole plant, please send us an inquiry. We will provide a configuration list and corresponding quotation according to your production needs.


Quick Setting Cement Vs Rapid Hardening Cement Vs Ordinary Portland Cement

Quick Setting Cement

Compared with rapid hardening cement, the quick setting cement has a higher content of C3A and C4AF so the hydration speed is fast, the setting time is early, and its concrete mixing, transportation, and placing time is short. The strength growth of quick setting cement is similar to ordinary Portland cement, which is relatively slow, but its dry shrinkage is small. Quick setting cement is mainly used for urgent construction period projects and low-temperature or underwater engineering.

Rapid Hardening Cement

Rapid hardening cement contains a higher percentage of lime and C3S and has a high requirement of grinding fineness. Therefore its early strength is higher than ordinary Portland cement and rapid setting cement. It features fast construction speed and low construction cost, suitable for precast concrete construction and road engineering, etc.

Ordinary Portland Cement

Ordinary Portland cement is one of the most widely used cement, which is suitable for various concrete projects. Its early strength is similar to quick setting cement, but the setting speed is low. Besides, the dry shrinkage of ordinary Portland cement is large so the concrete is easy to crack.

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