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Cement is a kind of powdery hydraulic cementitious material. After mixing with water, it forms a slurry that can bond sand, stone, and other materials, and then hardens in air and water. In modern life, cement, as an essential construction material, is widely used in civil construction, water conservancy, national defense, and other fields.

Portland cement (also called silicate cement) is one of the most commonly used cement. It is made of cement clinker that takes calcium silicate as the main component, a certain amount of mixed materials, and gypsum. According to different properties and uses, Portland cement can be divided into general cement, special cement, and characteristic cement.

General Cement: it refers to the cement used in general civil construction engineering, including ordinary Portland cement, blast furnace slag cement, Portland fly ash cement, Portland pozzolan cement, composite Portland cement, and so on.

Special Cement: it refers to cement with a special purpose, such as low-heat cement, oil well cement, road cement, etc.

Characteristic Cement: it refers to cement with some outstanding performance, such as rapid hardening Portland cement, sulfate-resistant Portland cement, white cement, etc.

Cement Types

As a cement equipment and EPC cement plant supplier, the cement projects provided by AGICO are available to manufacture various kinds of cement, such as ordinary Portland cement, oil well cement, quick setting cement, low heat cement, sulphate resisting cement, white cement, Portland Pozzolana cement, expanding cement, etc.

Ordinary Portland Cement

Application: all general concrete construction.

Sulfate Resisting Cement

Application: sulfate-eroded harbor, water conservancy, road, and bridge foundations.

Quick Setting Cement

Application: rush repair engineering, low-temperature construction engineering.

Portland Pozzolana Cement

Application: sewage works, bridges, piers, dams, and mass concrete underwater works.

Oil Well Cement

Application: oil well, gas well, cementing engineering.

White Cement

Application: decoration engineering, preparation of colored cement slurry.

Low Heat Cement

Application: large-scale concrete engineering, high-strength concrete engineering.

Expanding Cement

Application: reinforcing structure, casting machine base, repair works.

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AGICO Cement Plant Equipment

The cement manufacturing process can be roughly divided into three steps: the cement preparation process, the clinker calcination process, and the cement grinding process. Each of them is crucial to cement production, and can’t do without advanced production technology and precision cement equipment. AGICO provides cement plants and related cement equipment with various capacities for manufacturing different types of cement.

cement preparation agico

Cement Preparation Process

This process is for the crushing, grinding, drying, prehomogenization, and storage of cement raw materials and coal.

clinker calcination

Clinker Calcination Process

The clinker calcination process realizes the conversion of cement raw meal to cement clinker by heating under high temperatures.

cement grinding

Cement Grinding Process

In this process, the cement clinker is ground to the fineness of the cement product, which is then packaged and stored.