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AGICO offers activated carbon thermal regeneration plants with an annual capacity of 3000-10000 tons. The customization service is available so that we can meet any production needs.

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What is activated carbon regeneration? Activated carbon regeneration means the adsorbed saturated activated carbon regains activity and adsorption capacity after activation treatment to achieve repeated use. It saves the cost of secondary purchase of activated carbon, reduces the waste of energy, and is conducive to the development of the circular economy.

AGICO adopts the activated carbon rotary kiln and a series of professional equipment to desorb the impurities in the waste activated carbon by using high-temperature steam so that the waste activated carbon recovers the adsorption capacity. This production method has the characteristics of a simple process, less pollution, and large output. AGICO has rich experience in production and export. We provide EPC projects for activated carbon plants worldwide.

AGICO is professional in helping customers to build activated carbon regeneration plants with low cost and large output. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!


Activated Carbon Regeneration Process

activated carbon regeneration process layout agico

Preheating Stage (300-600℃):

Before running, the burner preheats the rotary kiln body and the combustion chamber. The waste activated carbon is fed into the feed bin by the elevator and then fed into the rotary kiln by the frequency conversion feeder. In the kiln, the waste activated carbon is dried under the combined action of the lifting plate and the waste heat of the exhaust gas.

Desorption Stage (900-1050℃):

The dried waste activated carbon moves forward continuously in the rotary kiln and slowly enters the desorption stage. The temperature and steam at this stage determine the quality of regeneration. The time is about 25-35 minutes, and the steam volume is 2-3 tons/hour. Usually, we need to gradually turn on the steam after the temperature is stable and reduce the heat supply, making the water vapor react with the carbon to produce water gas so that the micropore surface in the carbon is cleaned. The steam needs to penetrate the activated carbon and an appropriate amount of oxygen can be used to achieve the best regeneration effect.

Cooling Stage:

After the waste activated carbon is regenerated, it is rotated and discharged through the cooling tube of the rotary kiln, and then enters the water cooler, where it is water-cooled for about 3 minutes in an oxygen-free state. After that, it enters the finished product silo through a closed air conveying device.

Waste Gas Treatment Stage:

The draught fan sends the waste gas into the combustion chamber for high-temperature combustion, and then sends it to the waste heat boiler. After that, the boiler draught fan feeds the waste gas into the quench tower, condenser, quicklime jet tower, activated carbon jet tower, cyclone dust collector, and bag filter in turn finally discharging it at an altitude of 35 meters.

Activated Carbon Regeneration Equipment

All production equipment of AGICO activated carbon regeneration plant adopts PLC negative pressure control system, which has small labor demand, controllable production quality, and safe operation.

Main Equipment Configuration: elevator, feeder, feed bin, regeneration rotary kiln, waste heat boiler, dust collector, water cooler, PLC control system cabinet, rotary dryer, tail gas combustion chamber, draught fan, condenser, alkali scrubber, etc.

regeneration rotary kiln agico
regeneration rotary kiln
waste heat boiler agico
waste heat boiler
cyclone dust collector agico
cyclone dust collector
feed bin agico
feed bin
water cooler agico
water cooler
bucket elevator agico
combustion chamber agico
combustion chamber
draught fan agico
draught fan
burner agico
bag filter agico
bag filter

* All of the above equipment is optional and customizable. The configuration is according to the customer’s production needs.

Discharge temperature350-400℃
Temperature after cooling<50℃
Total power<100kW
Steam volume2-3t/h (saturated superheated steam)
Steam pressure8kg
Steam flow rate1.5-2.2t/h
Regeneration kiln inside temperature900-1050℃
Flue gas incinerator temperature1000-1100℃
Feeding methodElevator & Screw feeder
Regeneration conditionSaturated superheated steam + High temperature + Penetration activation
Dust removal methodCyclone dust collector + Bag filter + Spray system
Cooling methodRotary kiln cooling pipe + Water cooling device
Equipment materialQ345 heat-resistant steel
Refractory materialSteel wire fibre castable,High aluminum refractory brick
Insulation thickness>40cm
Refractory material aluminum content>45%
Refractory material temperature resistance>1300℃
Flue gas volume20000m³/h
Regeneration Rotary Kiln Size (m)Capacity (t/d)

The production cycle of the AGICO activated carbon regeneration plant is about 2 hours, and the whole process is controlled by negative pressure sensing.

The entire production process does not produce any waste water or solid waste. All exhaust gas is converted into carbon dioxide and discharged into the atmosphere after treatment.

AGICO activated carbon regeneration plant adopts the countercurrent external heat method, which greatly improves the output. Compared with the old production method, its output is increased by 60%-80%.

AGICO activated carbon regeneration plant can realize fully automatic and continuous production. It is controlled and monitored by a PLC control system, requiring little labor. In the production process, adjustments can be made in time to prevent accidents.

Different waste activated carbon adsorbs different organic or inorganic components so the amount and composition of waste gas produced are also different. AGICO activated carbon regeneration plant has been designed with full consideration of the complexity of raw materials. All of our equipment is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

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Successful EPC Projects

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LocationProjectQuantity (set)Annual Capacity (t)Cooperation MethodDate
PhilippinesActivated carbon regeneration plant15000EPC2016
RussiaActivated carbon regeneration plant15000EPC2017
QingdaoActivated carbon regeneration plant13000EPC2017
Malaysia Activated carbon regeneration plant110000EPC2018
IndonesiaActivated carbon regeneration plant120000EPC2019
JangsuActivated carbon regeneration plant115000EPC2020
Sri LankaActivated carbon regeneration plant115000EPC2020
NingxiaActivated carbon regeneration plant110000EPC2021
LiaoyuanActivated carbon regeneration plant12000EPC2021