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50000 – 400000 m3/Year

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Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is mainly composed of cement, lime, fly ash, gypsum, aluminum powder(foaming agent), and fine aggregates. These raw materials are mixed with water proportionately and processed into AAC products through molding, cutting, and high-pressure steam curing. Depending on the cutting size, there are different products available in the market such as AAC blocks and ALC panels.

What is AAC block? The AAC block, also called autoclaved aerated concrete block, is a lightweight, precast, foam concrete building material, which can be used for both interior and exterior construction. Its density is generally between 300-800kg/m3, only 1/4 of solid clay bricks and 1/2 of hollow blocks, which can reduce the load on the wall by 50%-60% and the weight of the building by 20%-30%, significantly accelerate the construction speed, reduce labor intensity for workers and construction costs.

AAC blocks

Why Choose AAC Block?

Good thermal insulation performance: its thermal conductivity is only 1/6 of concrete bricks, and its insulation performance is far superior to 240mm thick clay bricks.

Strong earthquake resistance: with its lightweight and excellent overall performance, it has a small inertia force during earthquakes and a high seismic rating.

Good processing performance: it can be sawed, planed, nailed, milled, and drilled, which brings a lot of convenience and flexibility to construction.

Stable compressive strength: after exposure to air for one year, the compressive strength has increased by 25%, and after ten years, it remains stable.

Good sound insulation performance: its unique porous material structure has a certain sound absorption capacity. A 10mm thick wall can achieve a sound attenuation of 41 decibels.

Strong adaptability: it can be customized according to different raw material proportions. Raw materials can include river sand, fly ash, and mineral sand, depending on the local conditions.

Good fire resistance: it is a first-class fire-resistant material, and the fire resistance of a 90mm wall reaches 245 minutes, and that of a 300mm thick wall reaches 520 minutes.

Low cost: the total cost of the project can be reduced by more than 5% compared to the use of solid clay bricks, and it can increase the usable area of the building.

Who We Are

For over 20 years, AGICO has been a leading provider of equipment for the cement and construction industries. AAC block/ALC panel production line is one of our best-selling projects. On this term, we have established deep cooperation with CNBM, a Fortune 500 company, and have achieved excellent results in the development of aerated concrete process technology, process design, production line automation system research, and series of main equipment manufacturing. Currently, we have 6 invention patents in the field of aerated concrete production technology and equipment, as well as several utility model patents.

cnbm agico

AAC Blocks Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of AAC blocks involves a series of operations from raw material grinding to block packaging, each stage of which affects the production quality. The specific production process is roughly divided into the following parts:

Raw Material Handling

The raw materials needed for producing AAC blocks mainly include cement, lime, fly ash/sand, aluminum powder, and gypsum. Bulk raw materials need to be crushed into fine powder beforehand by a crusher and ball mill. After that, cement powder and lime powder are separately stored in silos for later use, while fly ash/sand and gypsum are mixed with water in a mixing tank proportionally to form a slurry and then stored in a slurry tank. Aluminum powder, as a foaming agent, also needs to be mixed with water to form a suspension for storage.

Batching & Mixing & Pouring

By means of a PLC automatic batching system, the fly ash slurry, cement powder, and lime powder are uniformly mixed in a mixing drum under the storage silos in a certain proportion to form a concrete slurry. The aluminum powder suspension is generally added to the slurry within 0.5-1 minute before pouring to ensure a better foaming effect. The concrete slurry should reach 40°C before pouring. If it is not, it needs to be heated with steam. After the concrete slurry is ready, it is poured into the mold located under the mixing drum, and then the mold is pushed away on a ferry push car into the pre-curing room.


After pouring, the mold is sent to the pre-curing room with a constant temperature of 50~70°C for 1.5-2 hours. During this period, aluminum in the concrete slurry reacts with calcium hydroxide and water, releasing hydrogen gas to form many small bubbles, which give lightweight to AAC blocks. These bubbles cause the concrete slurry to rise, increase in volume, and gradually solidify into the AAC block green cake.

Demolding & Wire Cutting

After the pre-curing, the mold is flipped by a tilting hoist at a 90-degree angle and placed on a cutting car, and the detachable mold frame is removed, leaving the green cake standing on the mold side plate. The cutting car transports them to the cutting area, where the wire cutting machine completes the horizontal and vertical cutting. Afterward, the crane lifts and places them on the hardening car to be sent into the autoclave. The waste produced during cutting is sent to the adjacent waste slurry mixing tank by a screw conveyor, mixed with water to make waste slurry, and then reused during batching.


The autoclave is filled with high-pressure and high-temperature steam, with a pressure value of up to 800-1200 KPa and a temperature of 180-200°C. The block green cakes need to be parked in the autoclave for 8-12 hours. This process gives the desired durability and structural stability to AAC blocks.

Block Packaging

After coming out of the autoclave, the finished AAC blocks are transported by a clamping hoister to the separator machine, where the adhesive blocks are separated, and then packaged and stored.

AGICO AAC Plant For Sale

mini AAC block plant for sale

AGICO Mini AAC Block Plant

Capacity: 50000-100000 m3/year

Autoclave: 3 sets

Investment: low cost

Factory: about 4000m2

Features: starting business, adjustable automation level, customizable and optional machines

AAC block production line for sale

AGICO Medium-scale AAC Block Plant

Capacity: 100000-200000 m3/year

Autoclave: 4-8 sets

Investment: medium-level cost

Factory: about 5000-8000m2

Features: easier to upgrade, adjustable automation level, customizable and optional machines

AAC manufacturing plant agico

AGICO Large-scale AAC Block Plant

Capacity: 200000-400000 m3/year

Autoclave: 8-12 sets

Investment: high cost

Factory: about 9000-15000m2

Features: mainstream solution, high automation level, customizable and optional machines

AGICO AAC Block Plant EPC Project Construction Progress

After clients completed project approval and site selection:

In 2 months, finish process design and construction drawing design;

In 4 months, complete the equipment production and have the conditions for partial shipment;

Domestic transportation, customs declaration, and sea transportation to ports in 1.5 months (adjustable);

In the next 5 months, complete the project construction, equipment installation, and personnel training;

Complete the whole line equipment adjustment and trial production in 2 months;

*The time required for the above construction process is estimated and will vary depending on the project scale and other factors.

AAC Block Manufacturing Plant Setup Cost

The construction cost of an autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block production line is composed of many parts, such as land, factory building, equipment, labor, energy, raw materials, etc. The expenses required for different production locations or different production capacities are different. However, there is no need to worry, as the prospect of AAC block production is promising, the market is large, and the investment payback period is short. Generally speaking, the total cost of setting up an AAC block manufacturing plant is range from $1 million to $5 million, but this is just an estimated cost, and the actual cost depends on your business scale, equipment configuration, and other related factors.

AGICO offers AAC block manufacturing plants and ALC panel manufacturing plants with various annual capacities. We provide customized solutions based on different investment plans.


AGICO AAC Block Making Machinery

Raw Material Handling System

ball mill in aac plant

Ball Mill

slurry storage tanks agico

Slurry Storage Tank

slurry agitators agico

Slurry Agitator

Pouring & Pre-curing System

mold agico


mixing drum agico

Mixing Drum

material batching system agico

Material Batching System

pouring device agico

Pouring Device

electric control

Electric Control

Cutting System

vertical cutting machine agico

Vertical Cutting Machine

cross cutting machine agico

Cross Cutting Machine

cutting car

Cutting Car

tilting hoist agico

Tilting Hoister

Autoclaving System

ferry car agico

Ferry Car

hardening car

Hardening Car

autoclave agico


block hanger

Block Hanger

Packaging System

block panel separator agico

Block/Panel Separator

clamping hoist agico

Clamping Hoist

rotating hoist agico

Rotating Hoist

conveying line agico

Conveying Line

* The equipment listed above is only a part, not all of it. If you want a detailed equipment, configuration, and pricing list, please contact us!


Highlights Of AGICO AAC Block Plant

Waste materials and water can be recycled during the operation process, it is environment-friendly.

Tilting Hoister: the lifting, unlocking, and flipping are all driven by hydraulic power. The mold unlocking adopts a direct-opening hydraulic cylinder structure, which has the characteristics of quick and stable opening and closing.

The compressive strength of the AAC blocks produced by AGICO AAC block production lines can reach 5.0-7.5 grades, with a shrinkage value of less than 0.8mm/m and dimensional errors within a reasonable range. The qualified product rate is ≥ 98%.

Autoclave: the autoclave cover is made by pressing a whole piece of Q345R steel plate, and the flange is forged from 16Mn. The equipment is equipped with a complete safety interlock protection device, which effectively avoids hidden dangers caused by misoperation.

High-speed Mixing Drum: it adopts double impeller mixing to improve the mixing efficiency; the mixing impeller is made of G26 alloy material with high strength and strong wear resistance; high-speed mixing ensures the uniformity of the slurry in different positions.

Block/Panel Separator: the hydraulic system can control each pair of clamps independently. In order to adapt to blocks/panels of different strength levels, the clamping force can be adjusted, and the pressure will automatically stop when the set clamping force is reached and maintained.

Wire Cutting Machine: high automation degree, short cutting cycle, and precise cutting dimensions. The steel wire can pass through the block green cake in one go, greatly shortening the production cycle and improving labor productivity. The horizontal cutting machine can meet the cutting requirements for ultra-thin panels/blocks as thin as 50mm.

AGICO avoids problems such as dust, noise, and solid waste by planning the material storage area rationally and improving the material handling methods, creating a comfortable working environment for workers.

PLC Control System: AGICO uses a PLC control system to centrally and segmentally control the production line, monitoring the operating status of on-site equipment in all directions, and achieving centralized information management and remote maintenance of the factory. This system integrates machinery, electrical, hydraulic, and photoelectric systems, achieving true automation control and ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the entire production line.

aac block product 1
ALC Panel Product
aac block product 2
AAC Block Product
aac block product 3
ALC Panel Product
aac block product 4
AAC Block Product
AAC Block Size
The above are partial sizes.The block size is customizable.
ALC Panel Size
Length1500mm to 6000mm
Slot Height/Width30,40mm/15mm
The above are partial sizes.The panel size is customizable.

AAC Block Manufacturing Plant EPC Projects

epc project in indonesia
200,000m3/Year AAC Block Manufacturing Plant EPC Project In Indonesia
epc project in malaysia
300,000m3/Year AAC Block Manufacturing Plant EPC Project In Malaysia
epc project in ukraine
300,000m3/Year AAC Block Manufacturing Plant EPC Project In Ukraine

Services We Offer

Site Selection & Layout Design: selection of a suitable site location and design of the layout of the production plant based on the production capacity and local regulatory requirements.

Plant Engineering & Design: development of detailed engineering design and technical specifications for the entire production line, including equipment selection, system integration, and automation control.

Equipment Supply: supply equipment for the production line, including AAC block manufacturing equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Installation & Commissioning: supervised the installation of equipment and systems, testing, and commissioning of the entire production line to ensure its proper operation.

Training & Technical Support: provision of training programs and technical support to the plant operators and maintenance staff to ensure they are adequately trained in the operation, maintenance, and repair of the production line.

Quality Control & Assurance: implementation of quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure that the AAC blocks produced meet the required standards and specifications.

aac block manufacturing process agico