cement kiln agico


Application: cement production line

Capacity: 10-5000 t/d

Material: different kinds of cement raw material

Motor Power: 17-630

Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement kiln is a kind of building material equipment and the main device of cement dry and wet production line, which is mainly used for the pyroprocessing stage of manufacturing Portland cement and other types of hydraulic cement.

Our company provides different types of dry process cement rotary kilns and wet process cement rotary kilns adopted in cement plants according to customers’ requirements.

The dry process of cement is to grind raw meal into dry powder and then put it into a preheater or cement kiln for calcination.

The wet process of cement is to grind raw meal and mix it with water to form the fine slurry, and then directly add it to cement kiln for calcination. The water content is usually 40%-45%. This method needs to consume heat to evaporate water, so the heat consumption is higher than that of the dry process.

Cement Kiln Structure

The cement kiln is mainly composed of cylinder, supporting device, catch-wheel device, transmission device, kiln sealing device, kiln hood, refractory lining and some other components.

  • The cylinder is usually rolled by a certain thickness of steel plate and be mounted on the corresponding kiln rollers with a certain slope. It is lined with refractory lining inside and equipped with several tyres outside.
  • Tyres are some strong steel rings which are mounted outside the cylinder to support the full weight of the cement kiln.
  • The catch-wheel device is placed to control the axial movement of the cylinder.
  • Sealing devices can be used to prevent the cement kiln from material leakage and air entry. It is usually installed between the cylinder and the kiln hood and where the cylinder and exhaust chamber are connected.
  • The transmission device is mainly composed of motor, gear and reducer. It is used to ensure the rotation of the cement kiln and adjust its speed.
  • Kiln hood includes the stationary type and flexible type.
cement kiln structure agico

Cement Kiln Features

  • Our cement kilns adopt new thermal insulation material to reduce the radiation heat loss and heat consumption.
  • The cylinder is made of ZG35CrMo and 42CrMo steel which has high-quality and high-temperature resistance.
  • Because cylinders we produced have a large diameter and short length, the transmission power and energy consumption are drastically reduced.
  • The new sealing device is adopted in the kiln head and kiln tail, which makes the air leakage coefficient less than 10%, and at the same time meets the environmental protection requirements.

Cement Kiln Specifications

Specification(m) Capacity(t/h)  Rotation Speed( r/min ) Main Motor Power(kw) Weight(t)
Φ1.6×20 10 0.14~1.64 JZT-362-4 17 45.9
Φ1.8×18 12 0.08~1.04 JZT-371-4 22 51.2
Φ1.9/1.6×36 72 0.3~1.76 YCT280-4A 30 62.9
Φ2.5/2.2×50 96 0.5~1.55 YCT315-4A 55 154.9
Φ2.8/2.5×55 132 0.5~1.55 Z2-92 75 210
Φ3.0/2.5×60  168 0.5~1.8 ZSN4-225-11 75 429.5
Φ3.0×48 840 0.43~3.62  ZSN4-250-11B 110 241
Φ3.2×50 1200 0.36~3.57 ZSN4-250-091B 160 259
Φ3.3×52 1320 0.398~3.975 ZSN4-250-11B 190 243
Φ3.5×52 1500 0.36~3.51 ZSN4-315-082 190 318
Φ3.95×56 2000 0.6~3.3 ZSN4-315-072 250 418
Φ4.0×60 2500 0.396~3.96 ZSN4-315-092 315 497
Φ4.2×60 2800 0.4165~4.165 ZSN4-355-12 420 576.1
Φ4.3×62 3000 0.398~3.98 ZSN4-355-12 420 598.5
Φ4.8×74  5000 0.35~4.0 ZSN4-400-092  630 841
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