Vertical Mill agico

Application: cement plant

Capacity: 3-200 t/h

Material: limestone, cement clinker, clay, gypsum, etc.

Motor Power: 75-3600 kw

Product Introduction

The vertical mill is a grinding equipment developed on the basis of similar grinding mills, so it has many irreplaceable advantages, such as high grinding efficiency, low power consumption (20-30% less power than ball mill), large drying capacity (simultaneously dry and grind materials with moisture up to 10%), large particle size of grinding materials, simple grinding process, small floor area, low noise and wear, long life and other advantages. This kind of machine uses a hydraulic system to make the pressure act on the material between the roller and the grinding disc, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding. In the daily production in cement plant, the vertical mill is usually divided into cement vertical mill, coal vertical mill and slag vertical mill. AGICO, as a cement manufacturer in China, supports high-quality coal vertical mill, raw material vertical mill and the cement vertical mill.

Vertical Mill Structure

The Vertical mill consists of a classifier, upper housing, access door, feeding port, transmission device, roller, pull rod, balk ring, grinding table, air ducting ring, swinging arm, gearbox, hydraulic system, etc.

Vertical Mill Diagram

cement vertical mill 4
cement vertical mill 3


Cement Vertical Mill Specification


  • The vertical mill has a simple technological process, compact layout and small building area. It covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill and it can be arranged in the open air, which directly reduces the investment cost. The vertical mill itself has a classifier, without additional powder concentrator and lifting equipment. Dust can be collected directly by bag filter or electrostatic precipitator.
  • The vertical mill has low energy consumption. The power consumption of its grinding system is about 20%-30% lower than that of the ball mill, and this power saving effect is more obvious with the increase of raw material moisture. In addition, the vertical mill adopts a fully enclosed system, which works under negative pressure, without dust, and has a clean environment.
  • The equipment is equipped with an automatic control system, which can realize remote control and is easy to operate. By overhauling the cylinder, the roller sleeve and liner can be replaced conveniently and quickly, and the loss of shutdown can be reduced.
  • In the process of operation, there is no direct contact between the roller and the grinding disc, so the wear is small. The metal consumption is generally 5~10g/t.
cement vertical mills
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