Conveying Equipment Overview

Bucket elevator, conveying equipment and feeding equipment are three indispensable auxiliary devices used in cement plant. They are mainly responsible for the completion of material delivery in each link during the processes of cement production. They can be used to transport both bulk materials and finished products, and their application forms a material conveying line between the initial feeding point and the final unloading point. AGICO is an experienced cement equipment manufacturer in China. We offer different models of bucket elevator, conveying equipment and feeding equipment home and abroad.


Conveying equipment, also known as the continuous conveyor, is a material handling machinery that continuously transports materials on a certain line. It can realize three models of materials transportation: horizontally, obliquely and vertically. In addition, it can also form a space transmission line which is generally fixed. Our company offers six different kinds of high-quality conveyors for cement plant, namely belt conveyors, bucket chain conveyors, En masse conveyor, FU chain conveyor, screw conveyor and large angle belt conveyor.

Bucket Chain Conveyor Agico

Bucket Chain Conveyor

En Masse Conveyor

FU Chain Conveyor Agico

FU Chain Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Agico

Belt Conveyor

screw conveyor agico

Screw Conveyor

Large Angle Belt Conveyor Agico

Large Angle Belt Conveyor


The feeding equipment is also called feeder. It is a kind of auxiliary equipment in the cement plant. Its main function is to feed processed or unprocessed materials continuously and evenly from a certain device (hopper, warehouse, etc.) to another device. AGICO mainly offers superior quality vibrating feeder and disc feeder with good continuity and low noise. The GZG and ZSW vibrating feeder and the DK, FB, DB series disc feeder are the hot sales equipment in our company.

Vibrating Feeder Agico

Vibrating Feeder

Disc Feeder

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator Gray Agico

Bucket elevator is the equipment used to lift materials from low place to high place. After materials are fed into the hopper through the vibrating table, the bucket elevator will automatically and continuously move upward. Its transfer speed can be adjusted according to the transmission capacity, and the lifting height can be chosen as needed. According to different traction modes, bucket elevators produced by our company are divided into TH ring chain bucket elevator, NE plate chain bucket elevator and TD belt bucket elevator.

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