Cement Plant Equipment

Cement manufacturing mainly includes five steps: raw material preparation, raw material calcination, clinker grinding, cement packaging, and transportation. Besides, we may need some other production lines to cooperate with the production of cement, such as the stone crushing plant, cement grinding unit and fly ash processing plant

AGICO is a professional cement plant and cement equipment manufacturer in China. We manufacture and export turnkey cement projects and different kinds of cement making machines. The products of our factory have superior quality, low cost, and long service life, which is your best choice. 

Clinker Calcination Equipment

Cement Mill

Cement Crusher

Industrial Dust Collector

Long Bag Pulse Jet Filter Agico

Long Bag Pulse Jet Filter

Electrostatic Precipitator​​ Agico

Electrostatic Precipitator

Air Box Pulse Jet Bag Filter​ Agico

Air Box Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Conveying Equipment

FU Chain Conveyor Agico

FU Chain Conveyor 

En Masse Conveyor 

Bucket Chain Conveyor Agico

Bucket Chain Conveyor