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Cement Manufacturing Plant

Concrete is one of the important building materials in the modern construction industry. It is manufactured after the mixing of Portland cement, water, sand and some other admixtures. Among them, the cement is the most indispensable raw material. It is usually composed of limestone, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand iron ore, etc. All these ingredients combined to form a hard substance by heating with a high temperature and then they can be ground into what we usually think of as a fine cement powder.

The cement producing processes are complex and can be roughly divided into three stages: raw material preparation, clinker burning and cement preparation. The first stage is to feed raw materials into primary and secondary crushers to reach the appropriate particle size. After that, they will be combined with the fly ash, iron ore and other ingredients and then to be sent into the cement kiln. The cement kiln is a long and big cylinder, in which raw materials can be heated to 2,700 degrees. In the process of heating, the chemical interaction between these raw materials will eventually lead to the formation of many gray spherical substances which we called clinker. The clinker is discharged with high temperature, so they need to get to the final stage by cooling down to normal temperature. After that, the ball shape clinker will be ground through cement grinder and mixed with gypsum and limestone. The cement now is ready to be packaged and transported to various locations.

As a full-range supplier for the cement equipment in China, AGICO has mastered the advanced production technology and the ability to produce large-scale mechanical equipment from individual machine to complete plant. We provide one-stop services and turnkey projects for customers according to their requirement. In order to keep up with the changing situation of the industry, we have been strengthening the technology innovation, which not only ensures the environmentally sustainable development but also guarantees the health and safety of workers’ working environment.

Cement Production Line

  • 1000 tons cement production line 
  • 2000 tons cement production line 
  • 2500 tons cement production line 
  • 3000 tons cement production line
  • 4000 tons cement production line
  • 5000 tons cement production line

Introduction: cement production lines generally go through four stages: raw material crushing, raw material preparation, clinker calcining and cement grinding. All of these stages adopt integrated automation equipment with high quality, long service life, low energy consumption, and small pollution, which reduces the later production cost for enterprises.

Stone Crushing Plant

Capacity: 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350 t/h 

Main Equipment: feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, and belt conveyor.

Introduction: AGICO offers different scales of stone crushing plants according to the on-site situation and specific environmental requirements. The crushing plant designed by our company has a fully automated operating system with a large crushing ratio and processing capacity. For example, the 1800m³/d stone crushing plant in Shangzhi, Heilongjiang province and the 1000m³/d stone crushing plant in Pingxiang, Jiangxi province.

Cement Grinding Unit

  • 200 t/d cement grinding unit
  • 500 t/d cement grinding unit
  • 1000 t/d cement grinding unit
  • 2000 t/d cement grinding unit
  • 3000 t/d cement grinding unit

Main Equipment: grinding mill, dryer, dust collector, packing machine and powder concentrator.

Introduction: cement grinding unit is a production line that used to process cement clinker into finished cement. It mainly composed of four parts: cement batching, clinker grinding, fine powder separating, and dust collecting.

Fly Ash Processing Plant

Capacity: 8-11, 11-14,  14-18, 18-22, 22-26, 26-34, 35-45, 55-70, 60-75 t/h 

Main Equipment: fly ash silo. conveying equipment, ball mill, dust collector, ect.

Introduction: fly ash is the fine ash collected from the flue gas after coal combustion. It can replace clay as the raw material for producing cement clinker. The fly ash processing plant constructed by our company adopts the closed-circuit system. It is an advanced technology for improving grinding capacity and reducing costs in production. The final ash products can reach the I or II fly ash standard.