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To see is to believe.  AGICO needs no blurb because our technology and quality are proven by the existing cement projects. Our reputation is maintained by our client’s trust. Feel free to check the most representative projects we’ve built all over the world and welcome to contact us to ask for more information about the project you are interested to learn.

Finished cement projects in China

1Sichuan Wanyuan Daba Mountain Cement Plant1500t/d cement plant2005
2Dali Hongshan Cement Company1500t/d cement plant2006
3Yunnan Xiangyun Cement Group1500t/d cement plant2007
4Beijing Pinggu District Cement Plant1500t/d cement plant2008
5Wafang Tiger Cement Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2009
6Nanjing Xipu Electric Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2010
7Zhejiang Lima Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2011
8Zhejiang Jinniu Building Material Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2011
9Ningxia Hongwei Cement Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2012
10Beijing Saimente Building Material Co.,Ltd1800t/d cement plant2012
11Liaoyang Hengwei Cement Plant1800t/d cement plant2013
12Yunnan Kaiyuan Cement Co.,Ltd2000t/d cement plant2013
13Dalian Jinshan Cement Plant2000t/d cement plant2014
14Xinjiang Turpan Tian Mountain Cement Co.,Ltd2500t/d cement plant2014
15Dalian Jinshan Cement Plant2500t/d cement plant2015
16Tian Mountain Duolang Co.,Ltd3300t/d cement plant2015
17Hebi Cement Co.,Ltd3300t/d cement plant2016
18Jiangxi Tiger Mountain3300t/d cement plant2016
193300t/d Liaoyang East Cement Plant3300t/d cement plant2017
20Liaoyang Shanhe Cement Co.,Ltd3500t/d cement plant2017
21Chaoyang Dongxin Cement Co.,Ltd4000t/d cement plant2018
22Tianjin Kude Cement Plant5000t/d cement plant2018
23Fushan Cement Plant5000t/d cement plant2018
24Dalian Yongsheng Cement Plant5000t/d cement plant(Under Construction)2019
25Jinzhou Sange Cement Plant5000t/d cement plant(Under Construction)2019

Finished cement projects in the world

1Vietnam Bach Dang Construction Corporation1200t/d cement plant2005
2CEMENTOS SELVA S.A.3 Completed sets of 300t/d Vertical Kiln Production Line2006
3CEMENTO SUR S.A.4 Completed sets of 300t/d Vertical Kiln Production Line2008
4Brazil Supremo Cement Plant400t/d cement plant2010
5Vietnam Phu Tho Joint-Stock Cement Company1200t/d cement plant2012
6CEMENTOS PACASMAYO S.A.A.300t/d Vertical Kiln Production Line2015
7Brazil Ciplan Cement PlantCement Mill, Separator, Bag filter and so on2016
8Vietnam Quang Ninh Cement And Construction Company1200t/d cement plant2017
10BRAZIL MINERADORA CARMOCAL LTDA400t/d Vertical Kiln Production Line2018

Still counting...

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